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Making this public, despite not being about mental health, because I want to reach a wider audience.

I am looking to commission a couple art pieces! One is of an OC that I'm not 100% sure what he looks like yet, and I'd like help pulling his face into focus. I can do any style of art for that one, simple headshot with no background and minimal coloring is all I need. I am poor, so be nice when recommending someone. More details available upon request.

Second, this is the more complicated one, and I know I will have to save up and shell out big for it. I want anime-style art for [community profile] pandorasuniverse. I want Roy & Ed centric art. (No shipping, Roy adopts Ed as his son in this series, there is literally nothing in the way of Roy/Ed here.) I have a general type of image in mind- see the following image of Homura and Madoka.

I'll find my place in the diary of Jane

Lyrical inspiration is "How did you get here, and when did it start? An innocent child with a thorn in his heart." (World So Cold by 12 Stones)

Their relationship can be summed up by this passage from Fire Of Prometheus (not finished).

[After Edward sacrificed part of Central to save the country from Dante and her homunculii without telling anyone what he was doing until it was too late. Acheron and Drachma are a reference to a war zone in which he was sexually and physically abused as a twelve year old.]

"Why didn't you come to me?"

Edward stared at the ground, a slightly puzzled frown on his face. "Dante and Envy were my father's crimes. The sins of the father, right?" Then he shook his head. "Wasn't even that. I never felt any sort of duty to the man. But she knew about me because of him. That put me in position. Drachma, Acheron... even the Gate, and Mom's death, and all the way back to when Winry's parents were killed. I always thought 'alchemy can fix things, if you pay just the right cost'. I guess, all my life, I was being prepared to take that job on. I was taught equivalent exchange isn't always equivalent. I was taught that sometimes, you had to do bad things to make things right. I was taught that I don't matter as much as the greater good. I was made into the perfect person for the job."

"And the cost to you?"

Silence passed for a few seconds, then a rueful smile twisted on his lips. "It don't mean nothing." I swore I saw his eyes get wet.

I crouched in front of him. "It means something to your family," I said. "And that includes me."

He flicked his eyes up to look at me. "Is that why you adopted me?"

"It is," I said. "I would've done it, even if I didn't have to give your brother a legal guardian and stable home. I did it because you're my son, and I love you. And I am so sorry I failed you."

The wetness in his eyes turned into a couple of silent tears that spilled over and slid down his cheeks. "Where were you when I called you? At Tucker's?"

"There," I said. "Too slow, though. I got there, and Grand had already gotten to you. I looked for you for months, I swear it."

His breathing got unsteady. "Don't think I ever had a dad."

"Do you want one now?"

"Is it safe?"

"I will protect you with my life," I promised him without a second of hesitation.

He sniffed once, looked back down at the ground. After a second, he leaned forward slightly and rested his forehead on my shoulder. "I'm sorry," he said in a cracked whisper that sounded more like the boy I'd known. "I gotta ask you to look after me again."

I wrapped my arms around him, holding him like he should've been held by a father his whole life. "It's a job I want," I said. "Go ahead and cry, Edward. I won't tell anyone."

For the first time in all those long years, my son cried on my shoulder.

Anyone have any suggestions? I'm wanting to talk pricing options.

Date: 2017-06-12 03:32 pm (UTC)
beccastareyes: Image of Sam from LotR. Text: loyal (Default)
From: [personal profile] beccastareyes
Do you mind if I share this to people you don't know?

Date: 2017-06-12 06:52 pm (UTC)
beccastareyes: Image of Sam from LotR. Text: loyal (Default)
From: [personal profile] beccastareyes
I'd offer myself, but I am not all that confident about art. (Or timeliness of art.)


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